"His playing is shockingly deep," wrote AllMusic Guide about blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Sean Costello (1979-2008). Blues Man: The Life and Times of Sean Costello will not only cover Sean's life and his career, but will also take a look at the modern musician's lifestyle and the possible links between creativity, mental illness, and substance abuse.

This film is currently in pre-production, which means I am actively seeking funding to bring the project from concept to reality. This Kickstarter campaign, if funded, will produce a promo reel for the film. This 7-10 minute sneak peek will be included in grant proposals and other funding requests as I gear up my overall fundraising campaign. It will give this film a leg up on the competition.

Grassroots support for this project continues to grow. Our Facebook fan page adds an average of 5 members per week, without any marketing scheme or concerted effort to recruit fans. Sean's family has pledged their support and indie film goddess Allison Anders has signed on as the project mentor. I'm asking you to consider supporting this project in any way you can.

You can help take this project from Facebook fandom to reality in three major ways:

By donating cash to the project. Donations begin at $1, and rewards are being offered!

By spreading the word about this Kickstarter campaign to anyone who might be interested.

By sharing your love of Sean's life and music with others.

Thanks in advance for your support.

(Video clip of Sean playing "Don't Pass Me By" courtesy of Anthony Pepitone.)

January 20, 2011

Big Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped make this fundraising campaign a success. Thanks to your generosity, we now have the funds to make a short trailer for our film. This is an invaluable tool to help us raise production funds from investors, backers, and grant funders.

What happens next? Well, over the next two weeks, Amazon will be collecting the pledges and holding them in our Amazon account. Kickstarter will provide me with a list of your names and addresses so I can put together your rewards and send them your way.

I've already had a discussion with Elaina Archer, my co-producer on the project, and Todd Friedrichson, our editor. We have starting putting ideas out there for the trailer--what we want it to sound like, look like, and what point we want to make in the few brief moments that the trailer will allow. What do we want to say about Sean? How do we want to say it? It's a somewhat daunting, but rewarding process.

In March I will meet with Elaina and Todd in Los Angeles to work on the rough cut of the film. The entire process, from the first edits through the final cut, should take about three months. This should give us plenty of time to have the trailer completed by the next grant cycle, which starts this summer.

I will keep you updated along the way with pictures, video, and other cool stuff.

Thanks again for your support.
Sarah Baker

January 7, 2011

We Made It--10 Days to Go!

Wow, we raised nearly $1500 in the past twenty-four hours or so, putting us even beyond the goal I had set. This is an amazing show of support for the project that has made it a reality. We have ten days left--who knows? Maybe we can raise even more! I am going to keep trying.

Check it out--the Kickstarter site actually says "This project WILL be funded on January 18th." That's an amazing statement. Now the real work begins. Now is the time I begin collecting stills and footage, songs and memorabilia, in the hopes of distilling Sean's life story into one 10 minute reel of film. It's a challenge, and I am ready for it, but I will need your help.

As my backers, I would like for you to have exclusive involvement in the making of this reel. What songs resonate most with you? Which images should I include? What do I need to share about Sean? This is your chance to tell me more about who Sean Costello was, and what his legacy should be. Feel free to email me at sariejack@gmail.com or call me at 817-995-2852.

There's one song on Sean's last album that at first I didn't pay much attention to, but it has really grown on me over time and now it's one of my favorites--"All This Time." In that song, Sean pleads "Count on me so I can count on you" and later he adds, "And I'll never give up."

That's exactly how I feel about this project, its backers, and Sean himself.

Thanks for your support.



Thank you to the following donors for making the Blues Man trailer possible!


  • Richard Hemmer – For all the struggling blues musicians out there

  • Kelli Stripling

  • Karl Moon

  • Avery Sebben

  • Tom Hyslop

  • Walter and Kara Perry

  • Joe Loftus—In memory of Sean

  • William Grogan—In memory of Gary Moore

  • Susan Todd

  • Melissa Bauer

  • Allison Dellamaggiora—We miss you everyday. A, J, M, Z

  • George and Nancy Minchew—In honor of our beautiful
    daughter Sarah

  • Nora Heverly

  • Deborah Ann and Glenn Smith—In honor of our son, Sean

  • Dana and Ron Cook

  • Donald Leich

  • Alan Harris Kurzer

  • Michael Rothschild

  • Carol Peters

  • Rand Chortkoff

  • Kim Scarlett


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