Not So Bad!


Not So Bad!

Iím a wild, wild woman,

I pet, I drink, I smoke.

Iím a wild, wild damn-sel

And I always make men broke.

Iím a wild, wild maid-gin,

Iím bad, aní I wanna man.

Iím a wicked, wicked bimbo,

Iím mad, and donít give a dón.


They say Iím on my way to Hól,

Badness me, Iím on the brink.

My throat is dry from all this blah,

Ye Godsó.


Oh, Iím a goody, goody girl,

I donít drink, and I donít swear.

Iím a goody, goody damsel,

I havenít even bobbed my hair.


Iím as pure aní clean as driven snow

And never have I stayed out late.

Because my mamma said I musnít;

Men who pet I simply hate.


I know not what a hot date means,

Goodness, I know not what to think,

My talking makes me so very dry,

Oh, Fudge!ó


            Whoís got a drink?


                                                ófrom Chanticleer, Fall 1926.