Sarah Baker, co-editor (aka Flapperjane)


Likes: Peach Tea Snapple, Friskys (whisky plus Fresca), Dr. John, Colette, Truman Capote, the Lost Generation, Billie Holiday, and Christmas. 

Dislikes: Diet Peach Tea Snapple, raisins, mushrooms, Texas summers, cigarette smoke, modern singers who insist they sound "just like Billie Holiday." 

Favourite Films: Lucky Star, The Flapper, Sherlock Jr., the entire Loy-Powell oeuvre, Laura, and Lady for a Day.  The modern films that meet her approval are:  Cinema Paradiso (the old version, not the recent director's cut), The Purple Rose of Cairo, and Little Voice.

Sarah is enamored of all things Art Deco, particularly silent film.  This consuming but so far productive passion began back in high school, when Sarah stayed home sick and watched a broadcast of Wings.  Since then, she has been dedicated to bringing silent films to modern audiences.  She created and hosted "Silent Sisters: Women in Silent Film," a four-day film festival honoring Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Marion Davies, and Mary Pickford for the Women's Museum in Dallas.  She also organized "A Tribute to Mary Pickford," a three-day festival at the Palace Theatre in Georgetown, Texas. 

Sarah began researching the life of silent film star Olive Thomas while still in college and published the Olive Thomas Homepage in 2000.  Seven years after her research began, Sarah wrote and produced Olive Thomas: Everybody's Sweetheart (2004) in association with Timeline Films.  She is also working hard to get as many of Thomas' films released to DVD as possible. is the new home for the Olive Thomas web page, and Sarah co-edits this tribute to the Jazz Age with her good buddy, Michele.  She is currently working on a documentary about Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Zach, surrounded by old movie posters.


Michele Gouveia, co-editor (aka Mrs. Parker)


Likes: screwball comedies, the Lost Generation, vodka, the South of France, peas, speaking Italian, Jonty Hearnden, and listening to Django Reinhardt.

Dislikes: Oliver Stone movies, Joseph Conrad novels, fake Martinis, the suburbs, licorice, conjugating verbs, self-righteous people, and most modern music.

Favourite Films: The first three Thin Man movies, Casablanca, Midnight, His Girl Friday, Easy Living, Trois Coleurs: Bleu, and Amelie.

Michele is a writer, editor, film historian, and documentary filmmaker. Growing up in a small Northern California town where many silent films were made, she learned to appreciate old movies at an early age. She worked on her first film at university when she supplied the voice for one of the characters in the student film Kill Bon Jovi. She wrote the screenplay for the documentary Jumbo Footprints: A History of Tufts Sports (2003), was a researcher/consultant on Olive Thomas: Everybody's Sweetheart (2004), and wrote and produced The House of Quality: The Story of the Somerville Theatre (2005).

She counts as her mentors (in no particular order) Dorothy Parker, Lee Miller, St. Michael, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Rhys, Albert Camus, and the original cast of Bewitched.

When not busy mixing cocktails or going to the cinema, Michele co-edits with Sarah, her partner in crime, and runs Little Sparrow Productions. She is currently working on a script about the William Desmond Taylor murder. Michele lives in New England with a cat named Poe.


Kelly Kitchens, publicist


Likes: curves and sassy attitudes, discovering spicy Pre-Code films, hats, one-screen movie palaces and neighborhood theaters, birthdays, Anais Nin's erotica, men with sharp senses of style and humor, Florence, Italy, black and white photography, hugs, and ‘30s –‘60s Christmas music.

Dislikes: spicy food, not being treated like a lady, laundry, potty humor, smokers, hot summer days, bullies, and most sports.  

Favourite Films: Anything with Judy Garland (especially A Star is Born), Design for Living, Female, Baby Face, Sunrise, O Brother Where Art Thou, Stormy Weather, Pillow Talk, Eve’s Bayou, Queen Margot, and Swingers. 

The beautiful people living in glorious in the black and white worlds fascinated Kelly as far back as 3 years of age. When she was 11, an old theater reopened half way between her and her best friend’s houses. This theater showed double features for $1 and showcased a classic actor or team every week. Some of the most memorable weeks for Kelly were Fred & Ginger week, Hepburn & Tracy week, Blondie week, and, of course, Judy Garland week. Her love of film, music, art, theater, and worthy causes drove Kelly to pursue a career as a features editor for several publications in Dallas, Texas. And for the past 10 years, she has been on the other side of the media game working as an arts and entertainment publicist.  

Favorite Quote: “Life is so gloriously improbable.” --John Gilbert when he realizes that this “man” he has been talking to is actually Greta Garbo in Queen Christina (1934)  


Jayna Wallach, designer


Likes: Italy, perennial gardening, cheap travel, chocolate soy milk, renovating old homes, erring on the side of honesty, volunteering, the very old,
the very new.

Dislikes: bananas, raisins, bad intentions, revolving doors.

Favourite Films: The Hustler, Hud, The Mack, The Last Picture Show, Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, In Cold Blood, Gilda, Santa Sangre, Pandora's Box, The Misfits, To Kill a Mockingbird...Jayna also tends to favor documentaries and biographic epics.

Jayna is an eclectic creative person with fingers in many pies. Being equally interested in the roaring 1920s and that sure-to-be roaring 2020s doesn't seem like a contradiction to her. She had the great fortune of working with Sarah Baker on the marketing and publicity of her "Silent Sisters" film festival, and now cherishes her ongoing membership in Baker's team of safecrackers. She's been doing graphic design and illustration for a multitude of small businesses, cultural institutions, and film festivals. She also does voiceovers (you can visit her agent's website and check out her demo). She's currently restoring a 1940s house, enjoys feeling like a part of a historical neighborhoods, and is finishing a mural project that helped a free after school program for low-income kids make its clubhouse more exciting and interesting.


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