Grab a Flop!

A Conversation Between Two Modern Flappers (April 2004)

In which Mrs. Parker waxes rhapsodically about the May issue. (May 2004)

Modern Flappers I Have Known (June 2004)

Summertime, and the livin' is easy. (Summer 2004)

Collegiate! Collegiate! Yes we are collegiate! (Fall 2004)

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (Holiday 2004-2005)


Bee's Knees                                                                            

The Martini

The Manhattan Cocktail 

The Bronx Cocktail  

Whiskey Cocktails    

Collegiate Cocktails 

Sidecar Cocktails

Tom and Jerry

Jean Arthurís Fudge Recipe          

Gloria Swansonís Canape Recipe  

Kitten's Tongue by Anita Loos

Bebe Daniels' Fruit Salad  

Lorna Doone Cookies by Madge Bellamy

Lois Wilson's Southern Buttermilk Biscuits 

Carole Lombard's Barbecue Spareribs

Claudette Colbert's Raw Vegetable and Sour Cream Salad

Harold Lloyd's Tamale Pie

Charlie Farrell's Fried Chicken in Wine Sauce and Bay Leaves

Flapperjane's Holiday Dinner: Harold Lloyd's Turkey

Flapperjane's Holiday Dinner: Starring Side Dishes

Flapperjane's Holiday Dinner: Dazzling Desserts

Rules for College

Revised Laws for Spooners

Top Ten Flapper Must-Haves  

The Ten Commandments for Flappers by Dr. F. R. Braune 

How to Avoid the Heat

Happy Birthday, Flapperjane!

Le Style Moderne: Review of New Art Deco Show by Mrs. Parker


The Berries 

Girl of Today Emancipated by Herman Bundesen

Boyish Silhouette by Florence Pennoyer  

Adventure at the Bath by Frank Kenneth Young 

Anita Loos: A Very Big Life by Flapperjane

The Dope on Anita Loos

Two Stars by William Bolitho

"Hello, Sucker!": Texas Guinan by Flapperjane 

The Dope on Texas Guinan 

Beautiful and Damned: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald by Flapperjane

The Dope on Zelda Fitzgerald

Running Wild: College Students in the 1920s by Mrs. Parker

Not So Bad! A Poem by an Unknown Flapper A Poem by an Unknown Flapper

Great Novels of the 1920s: The Sun Also Rises by Mrs. Parker

The Dope on Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises


Jumping Tintypes 

The Girl with the Croak: Jean Arthur by Mrs. Parker

The Dope on Jean Arthur  

Photoplay Writing by John Emerson and Anita Loos

How to be a Comedienne by Mabel Normand

Fallen Star: The Story of Marie Prevost by Mrs. Parker

The Dope on Marie Prevost

Insolent Shadow: Louise Brooks by Mrs. Parker

The Dope on Louise Brooks

Norma, Dutch, Nate, and Peg: The Talmadge Girls by by Flapperjane

The Dope on the Talmadge Sisters

How Some Photoplayers Spent Christmas Fifteen Years Ago

Catís Meow

Empress of the Blues: Bessie Smith by Flapperjane

The Dope on Bessie Smith

Torch Song: The Life of Helen Morgan by Mrs. Parker

The Dope on Helen Morgan

Vagabond Lover: Rudy Vallee by Flapperjane

The Dope on Rudy Vallee

The Gang