Flapperjane showing her school spirit.


Collegiate! Collegiate! Yes we are collegiate! Nothing intermediate—no man!

Heigh-ho, kids, and welcome back to flapperjane.com. Mrs. Parker and I have been working on our tans whilst summering in the South of France, and we both got arrested for wearing abbreviated bathing costumes! Some nerve, those cops! It’s a cinch we’ve had a busy summer. We’re back at work, looking fabulous and feeling rested, ready to crack the books with our collegiate issue. 

Trousers—baggy, all our clothes look raggy, but we’re rough and ready.  Yay!

And what an issue it is! We have the honor of welcoming our first sheik to the site, none other than Mr. Rudy Vallee, the Vagabond Lover himself. Mrs. Parker breaks from tradition with an article on the youth culture of our golden age. Our dear Mrs. Parker also traveled from the Riviera just to review the Art Deco exhibition currently touring the country, and give you her thoughts on it. Not many women are that dedicated to her craft or her public, with perhaps the exception of Miss Mary Pickford.

Sigma, Dogma, Delta-Hand-a-Poker, Tomato and Potato, College gentlemen, we!

In keeping with our theme, we have recipes for two collegiate cocktails, plus recipes by two famous college men, Harold Lloyd (who played the most famous Freshman ever) and Charlie Farrell (Boston University alumnus and matinee idol).

Slickers, knickers, we can do without. And we wouldn’t care if there were no suspenders.

Hit the books, babies, and be on the lookout for our spooky October issue, featuring the Queen of the Vamps, Miss Theda Bara!

Neckin’, muggin’, girls all like our huggin’, Last night on the back porch…

Hmph…well…college boys!  Rah!*




* From the Nathan Bonx/Moe Jaffe hit “Collegiate,” performed by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, 1925.