Charlie Farrell's Fried Chicken in Wine Sauce and Bay Leaves

Charlie Farrell's Collegiate Claim to Fame: Graduated from Boston University with a BA in Business. Photo by Hal Phyfe, Sarah Baker Collection.

1 medium sized young fryer

1/8 lb. butter

2 handfuls bay leaves

1/4 tsp. paprika

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

5 Tbs. good red wine

Melt one-eighth pound butter in a frying pan and add two handfuls of freshly dried bay leaves (whole), one quarter teaspoon each of paprika, salt and pepper. When butter is fairly hot, add one fryer, cut in pieces for serving.

Now, cover the pan and place over a medium flame. When the chicken is done and well browned on both sides, remove and place in the warming oven.

To the sauce in the pan add five tablespoons of wine (a good red table wine, Tipo or Chianti) not a sweet wine. Cook until the sauce is fairly thick, stirring all the while. Remove some of the bay leaves, if you care to. Serve sauce separately. Sprinkle chicken with paprika to decorate and flavor.


From What actors eat--when they eat, by Rex Lease, Los Angeles, House Publishers, 1939.