Olive Thomas Filmography

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Olive Thomas made 22 films during her film career, which lasted from 1916 until her death in 1920.  Of these 22 films, 10 survive in archives around the world.  Of the 10 surviving films, only two are currently available on video.  Our goal is to release as many of Thomas' extant films to the home video market as possible.

This is the only full filmography containing the specs on all of Olive’s films.  An * indicates the film still exists.

Wharton Film Corp. Beatrice Fairfax Episode Ten: Play Ball! Directed by Leopold and Theodore Wharton. Cast: Grace Darling, Harry Fox, Nigel Barrie, and Olive Thomas. 1916.  2 reels.

Famous Players/Paramount Pictures Corp. A Girl Like That. Directed by Dell Henderson. Cast:  Irene Fenwick, Owen Moore, Thomas O'Keefe, Eddie Sturgis, Harry Lee, John T. Dillon, Olive Thomas, and William J. Butler. Released January 18, 1917. 5 reels.

(From 1917-1919, all films produced by Triangle Picture Corp.)

Madcap Madge. Directed by Raymond B. West. Cast: Olive Thomas, Charles Gunn, Dorcas Matthews, Aggie Herring, Jack Livingston, J. Barney Sherry, J. Frank Burke, and Gertrude Claire. Released June 24, 1917. 5 reels. *

An Even Break. Directed by Lambert Hillyer. Cast: Olive Thomas, Charles Gunn, Margaret Thompson, Darrell Foss, J.  Frank Burke, Charles French, and Louis Durham.  Released  August 5, 1917. 5 reels. *        

Broadway Arizona. Directed by Lynn F. Reynolds. Cast: Olive Thomas, George Chesebro, George Hernandez, Jack Curtis, Dana Ong, Tom Guise, Neola May, and Robert Dunbar. Released September 30, 1917. 5 reels. *

Indiscreet Corinne. Directed by Jack Dillon. Cast: Olive Thomas, George Chesebro, Joseph Bennett, Josie Sedgwick, Annette DeFoe, Lillian Langdon, Tom Guise, Lou Conley, Thorton Edwards, Edward Brady, Harry L. Rattenbury, and Anna Dodge. Released November 11, 1917. 5 reels. *

 Betty Takes a Hand. Directed by Jack Dillon. Cast: Olive Thomas, Frederick Vroom, Bliss Chevalier, Mary Warren, George Hernandez, Charles Gunn, Margaret Cullington, Graham Pettie, June DeLisle, and Anna Dodge. Released January 6, 1918. 5 reels. *

 Limousine Life. Directed by Jack Dillon. Cast: Olive Thomas, Lee Phelps, Joseph Bennett, Lillian West, Virginia Foltz, Alberta Lee, Lillian Langdon, Harry L. Rattenbury, and Jules Friquet. Released February 3, 1918. 5 reels.

 Heiress for a Day. Directed by Jack Dillon. Cast: Olive Thomas, Joe King, Eugene Burr, Graham Pettie, Lillian Langdon, and Mary Warren. Released March 3, 1918. 5 reels.

 Toton Directed by Frank Borzage. Cast: Olive Thomas, Norman Kerry, Jack Perrin, and Francis McDonald. Released March 30, 1919. 6 reels.

 The Follies Girl. Directed by Jack Dillon. Cast: Olive Thomas, Wallace McDonald, William V. Mong, Claire McDowell, J.P. Wild, Lee Phelps, and Raymond Griffith. Released April 27, 1919. 5 reels. *

 Love's Prisoner. Directed by Jack Dillon. Cast: Olive Thomas, Ann Kroman, Dolly Dare, Walter Perry, William V. Mong, Harvey Clark, Louis Durham, and Joe King. Released June 8, 1919. 6 reels. *

Prudence on Broadway. Directed by Frank Borzage. Cast: Olive Thomas, Francis McDonald, Harvey Clark, J.P. Wild, Alberta Lee, Lillian West, Edward Peil Sr., Mary Warren, Lillian Langdon, and Claire McDowell. Released July 6, 1919. 5 reels.

(From 1919-1920, all films produced by Selznick Pictures Corp.)

Upstairs and Down. Directed by Charles Giblyn. Cast: Olive Thomas, Robert Ellis, Rosemary Theby, David Butler, and Andrew Robson. Released May 17, 1919. 5 reels.

The Spite Bride. Directed by Charles Giblyn. Cast: Olive Thomas, Robert Ellis, Jack Mulhall, Claire DuBrey, Irene Rich, Dorothy Wallace, Lamar Johnston, Katherine Griffith, and Molly Malone. Released September 21, 1919. 5 reels. *

 The Glorious Lady. Directed by George Irving. Cast: Olive Thomas, Matt Moore, Evelyn Brent, Robert Taber, Huntley Gordon, Marie Burke, Mrs. Henry Clive, and Mona Kingsley. Released October 19, 1919. 5 reels.

 Out Yonder. Directed by Ralph Ince. Cast: Olive Thomas, Huntley Gordon. Mary Coverdale, Louise Prussing, John Smiley, Cyril Chadwick, and Edward Ellis. Released December 21, 1919. 5-6 reels.

 Footlights and Shadows. Directed by John W. Noble. Cast: Olive Thomas, Alex Onslow, May Hicks, E. Van Beusen, A. H. Busby, and Robert Lee Keeling. Released January 21, 1920. 5 reels.

 Youthful Folly. Directed by Alan Crosland. Cast: Olive Thomas, Crauford Kent, Helen Gill, Hugh Huntley, Charles Craig, Howard Truesdale, Florida Kingsley, Eugenie Woodward, and Pauline Dempsey. Released March 8, 1920. 5 reels.

 The Flapper. Directed by Alan Crosland. Cast: Olive Thomas, Warren Cook, Theodore Westman Jr., Katherine Johnston, Arthur Houseman, Louise Lindroth, Charles Craig, William P. Carlton, Marcia Harris, and Bobby Connelly. Athole and Norma Shearer both had bit parts. Released May 10, 1920. 6 reels. *

 Darling Mine. Directed by Lawrence Trimble. Cast: Olive Thomas, Walter McGrail, Walt Whitman, Barney Sherry, Margaret McWade, Betty Schade, Richard Tucker, Colin Kenny, Andrew Arbuckle, and Mrs. George Hernandez. Released August 16, 1920. 5 reels.

 Everybody's Sweetheart. Directed by Lawrence Trimble. Cast: Olive Thomas, William Collier Jr., Joseph Dowling, Aileen Manning, Martha Mattox, Hal Wilson, and Bob Hick. Released posthumously, October 4, 1920. 5 reels. *  



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