Grab a Flop

Portrait of our Mrs. Parker. Michele Gouveia Collection.

Its deadline time again, and were busy putting the finishing touches on the new edition of In my opinion, I think its just smashing, but then of course, I am a bit biased.

This time round, all you babes of jazz will find some new recipes that are ducky, including one for the Manhattan Cocktail,  a swell drink, although a martini is still tops with me (you can never go wrong with champagne either, but I digress). There is also oodles of stuff on some of our favourite ladies, including that mistress of the pen, Anita Loos, who created the ultimate of it girls, Lorelei Lee. And speaking of the cats pajamas, we have an article written by that lovely comedienne, Mabel Normand, on what makes comedy. And while were on the subject of talent, we also take a look at that darling of Broadway, Helen Morgan, the original torch singer. Who could forget her wonderful interpretation of the song Bill? It made many a gangster weep into his speakeasy hooch.

In the meantime, a big thank you to all who have written in with support of our new endeavor. We think youre just swell. We might not be blushing violets, but we do love to hear some kind words now and then. And wed like to hear from more of you. In the meantime, its approaching cocktail hour (isnt that the worst wording? I mean, why should there only be a particular hour sanctioned for imbibing? I can think of dozens of hours that could be improved with a drink or two but there I go, digressing once again). So for those who are returning, welcome back, and to all you newcomers, come on and step out. Killjoys keep on moving.

Mrs. Parker