A Conversation Between Two Modern Flappers


Flapperjane: Mrs. Parker, do you remember a few years ago, when we had just finished the first Olive Thomas Homepage? That was back in 2000. We talked then about doing a webpage about all the people and things we loved about the 1920s. We love Ollie, but we wanted to expand our horizons a little. And now, here we are, with our first issue.

Mrs. Parker: My, the time has flown. From one great actress we’ve moved on to a whole bevy of our favorite actors and artists. Say, we are moving up in the world. So how would you describe our new site?

FJ: Flapperjane.com is a place where modern flappers can go to grab a flop, read about good movies, good music, and good books. We’ll write new articles every month, because you and I have opinions on everything and everyone from the Jazz Age. And, we’ll have fun. We’ll only write about the people and things that interest us. 

MP: Boy, do we have opinions. And being such busy young things, attending openings and screenings, and working on book and film projects, it’s easy to forget about all of our other interests. So this is going to be a great opportunity to share our knowledge and affection for the best decade ever with other similar-minded flappers.

FJ:  Gee, we can also include vintage articles from magazines like Experience, Flapper, and It’s a Wow!

MP: And great photographs and artwork from the time, don’t forget that. And say, wouldn’t it be great if some other viewers out there submitted some of their own work to the site? That way we could have a whole cornucopia of ideas and images from the Jazz Age.

FJ:  That does sound mighty fine, Mrs. Parker. We are sharing our love of the Roaring Twenties with the world. 

MP: I hear you Flapperjane. Now let’s put on some jazz and sit back and see what’s in the first issue. And do get yourself a drink.