Must-Haves for Modern Flappers

Flapperjane's Top Ten Recommendations:

Flapperjane's Holy Trinity of Flapperdom are Helen Kane, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Clara Bow.  All modern flappers must study these three spectacular women in order to truly understand the Jazz Age. Flapperjane also recommends a steady diet of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louise Brooks, Louis Armstrong, Anita Loos, Mary Pickford, and some hot popular tunes.  Vintage Face is an excellent book for flour lovers who want to paint up like a vintage flapper.


Mrs. Parker's Top Ten Recommendations:

Mrs. Parker reminds all flappers to “render thanks to God and Scott Fitzgerald.” While you’re at it, don’t forget to get your daily dose of Dorothy Parker, Louise Brooks, Valentino, and all the jazz you can. And repeat after me, "there’s no place like Paris, there’s no place like Paris…”